About Us

Welcome to Arsenault Computer Training & Services. Acts is a family-run business, founded by Terry Arsenault. We offer training on Apple and Microsoft computers, iPads, tablets, Iphone, phones and other devices in your home or office. 

ACTs also does troubleshooting on Apple and Microsoft computers and other devices. Computer issues are sometimes hard to duplicate in a repair shop. Troubleshooting a computer on-site can give a better understanding of what is causing a problem.

Terry’s Bio:

Terry’s interest in computers started when he was a teenager. Back in the days of Commodore-64 and dot-matrix printers, he tinkered with computer programming. 

After working in a Petrochemical Industry for 24 years to support his family, Terry enrolled in the Computer Service Technician course at the Academy of Learning. He earned his A+ Certification (qualifying as a professional IT Technician) in December 2007 and went on to graduate, with honors, in December 2008.